sábado, 16 de julho de 2016


Have you noticed that the most powerful women in the world do not need a man !!!
I do not mean financially because nowadays either remains alone!
But emotionally.
Only use and then bye.
Check it out::

Madonna --- the queen. (She married separated, dated but was most herself.)
Marilyn Monroe (never wanted to take anything too seriously to stay on success)
Xuxa --- remained for a long time single
And many other famous ...

I admire the muitooo !!! I think men and very family holds woman towards success ...
Well, I still can not get rid of my .. I like company. Each makes its right choices ...

Recalling that alone does not mean having no one ... is a passion here, another there ..

Impressive, only repairs .. The best does not have men holding them in any way.
Have you ever stopped to think about it!
Pois I have. I had to post this people!

Let's face it now ... Who needs us WOMEN are men.
Women are perfectly well without them. Baita true!

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