segunda-feira, 9 de novembro de 2015

Música Rock 2015new success Linkin Park

music created for the purpose of linkin park listening and recording.

I will crush you
as an isolated animal world
I feel so quiet lately
as the last life which I now live
I'm in the dark
screaming my last gasp of pain
bleeding inside
asking cry
but where is your God now
it took me the best years of my life
Tell me anything
Something that is not repeated in this sad life
I want to scream and want everything now
lost as the empty center of the earth
repeat after me who does not want to live
bleeding inside
boiling my mind to think of all that I lived
certainly do not give me the luxury to thank
all I had turned to dust
Where is him now
hear my cry or joking and laughing
you laughing at the pain are pathetic
this pain that goes beyond borders of my heart
transforms everything it touches cuts
where I approach
only cause pain
I feel isolated from the world
a swamp or sacred mountain
everything is real and empty at the same time
viajnado every step I take
this is the end

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