quarta-feira, 9 de outubro de 2013

I'm a witch with pride

Who was a day will always be no use trying to get away from the magic.
she haunts . She leads you . Just SBER you know what's best . For a real person with such a gift to draw and attract positive and negative energies to yourself and the people have the responsibility of knowing that you will be triple that atraires receive.
So be it .
living all witches who love potions , spells and attract things that only we understand .
The nature drives me and makes me feel like the rain differently , because I know how powerful it is .
I do not know spells already researched in the past when it affected me and did not know what it was. Today more advanced and experienced well studied regarding obscure subjects and various forms of magic can say that just sit . I get in touch with nature , preferably in the middle of the bush , forest or on the beach when I'm there . Think . And do spells . Come to me words that even I knew existed . I think about how to use nature , animals and blood may suddenly as this exerts essential power. Each one makes as think best . I just connect with the natural things flow . I think, and do . And so far nothing that I wished was not achieved . None.
I love it.

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